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The six-week course for becoming-established course creators who want to write their OWN personality-packed and conversion-primed sales pages.

On repeat.

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I finally have a page that I'm proud of..

"I finally have a page that feels like ME without feeling like I’m selling myself out...and that feels so good. I came into this program with sooo much resistance to writing my page. Dani helped me run out of excuses :) She made me want to take the leap and finally DO it, and she gave me every single tool to do just that.

The support I received in SPPS is exactly what I needed, and the written swipes and notes Dani provided has given me the confidence to tackle every future sales page, too.

I came in with a foggy idea of what a sales page could be, and I left with a page I’m proud of, and the understanding of how to recreate another, and another, and another!"

-Linda Rizzoli

Dani over-delivers...

“I am so grateful for Sales Page Prep School! Dani’s feedback alone was worth more than other courses I’ve paid for combined, totaling over $8000.

Every week, Dani seriously over-delivered on her weekly tutorials, group meetings, and all the support tools, now giving me a SOLID understanding of the sales page process and the how-to to put it all together. I’ve learned valuable insights from her program and have the skills to continually turn my message into high-converting copy for my business.”

I feel so privileged to have been part of this beta program, I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

-Rebekah Azevedo

Sales Page Prep School is juuust the thing you need to write your personality-packed and conversion-primed sales pages if…

  • You are a new-ish course creator who has a validated offer (your course may or may not be fully created yet) OR you're shifting from a 1:1 to a 1:many business model
  • You have an audience (no matter how small) to gather voice of customer research
  • You want to learn exactly how to write your own sales page copy—whether that’s to save money from hiring it out OR to help you craft compelling sales messages for ALL your future offers

"Dani, I loved working with YOU, and getting a peek into your brilliant world.

I love your witty, laid-back, style - your vibe is simply infectious. Thank you.”

-SPPS beta student